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December 27, 2022
Sun Bash Tournament
Get Your Tickets Here! Game 1: Canterbury vs. Blake, 10 AM ET Game 2: Gateway Charter vs. Wharton, 11:30 AM ET Game 3: North Florida Educational vs. Gibbs, 1 PM ET Game 4: Holy Trinity vs. Northside Christian, 2:30 PM ET Game 5: Calvary Christian vs. Plant, 4 PM ET Game 6: North Broward vs. Xaverian, 5:30 PM ET Game 7: Florida High vs. East Lake, 7 PM ET Game 8: Northshore vs. St. Pete, 8:30 PM ET
December 28, 2022
Sun Bash Tournament
Get Your Tickets & Live Stream Here Game 9: Plant vs. Gateway Charter, 10 AM ET Game 10: Wharton vs. Holy Trinity, 11:30 AM ET Game 11: East Lake vs. North Broward, 1 PM ET Game 12: Xaverian vs. North Florida Educational, 2:30 PM ET Game 13: Blake vs. Gibbs, 4 PM ET Game 14: Calvary Christian vs. Northshore, 5:30 PM ET Game 15: Northside Christian vs. Canterbury, 7 PM ET Game 16: St. Pete vs. Florida High, 8:30 PM ET
December 27 ~ December 29, 2022
Sun Bash Tournament
3 DAY PASS: Access to All Games for Entry Click Attachments to View Tournament Schedule
December 27 ~ December 29, 2022
Sun Bash Tournament
All Access Live Stream Only
December 29, 2022
Sun Bash Tournament
Get Your Tickets Here! Game 17: Northshore vs. North Broward, 10 AM ET Game 18: Florida High vs. Xaverian, 11:30 AM ET Game 19: North Florida Educational vs. Blake, 1 PM ET Game 20: Canterbury vs. Holy Trinity, 2:30 PM ET Game 21: Gibbs vs. Wharton, 4 PM ET Game 22: Gateway Charter vs. St. Pete, 5:30 PM ET Game 23: Plant vs. Northside Christian, 7 PM ET Game 24: East Lake vs. Calvary Christian, 8:30 PM ET
December 30, 2022
LNBP Mexico
Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional Equipos y Jugadores!
March 11 ~ December 31, 2022
Mitts with Marksman
Professional boxing training Angus Marksman offers one-on-one exclusive training sessions and group boxing classes. Please reserve your times here.
January 01 ~ December 31, 2022
Gabe Blair
March 23 ~ December 31, 2022
UFC Gym Winter Springs
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