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Schools August 31, 2021 Bayshore High School
Get your general admission and virtual live stream tickets here!
Live Sports September 05, 2021 Varsity ESports Foundation
Pro Sports Legacy Presents its 2nd annual Game Time Live Madden Tournament in Association with Varsity Esports and the Players Networking Event Super Bowl 55
Live Sports October 01, 2021 Westminster Cristian School Miami
Get Your Tickets for the Game, Merchandise, & Live Stream Here!
Schools October 08, 2021 Palisades High School
Get your tickets to attend and live stream your Palisades Dolphins!
Live Sports October 11, 2021 NBA AFRICA
Watch Mozambique vs. Madagascar Face Off In Person & Virutally!
Live Sports October 22, 2021 PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME
Live Sports November 07, 2021 Player Networking Events
Gaming Tournament | Meet & Greet with Former Pro Athletes
Schools November 11, 2021 St. George's Episcopal School
Game Tickets and Streaming Tickets Available Here! Get Your Merch and Donate to Our Athletics Today!
Live Sports November 27, 2021 Fight 2 Win
Fight 2 Win combat tournament. Entry ticketing and live streaming!
Live Sports December 11, 2021 Athletic Junction

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